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Hello my name is Casie. I grew up with a camera in my hands; I've always loved taking pictures for fun. I received two certifications through New York Institute of Photography; one for professional photography, the other for digital photography and am continuing additional education every day.   


I love working with different people and personalities during each photo shoot. I truly enjoy getting to know each individual person and capturing their personality in photographs. Each and every session is unique and personal to each client.



                               "I have recently done a bridal shoot with Casie and it was everything I hoped for and more. Not only was she fun and personable, she

                                 made me feel comfortable and made it easy to let go and be myself. I was very impressed how she was able think outside the box for                                        photo ideas, think quickly on her feet, and most importantly she payed attention to detail! She was not afraid to adjust me or make sure                                    my hair was sitting properly. Thanks so much I will defiantly be calling you again!"     -Rachel




"Casie has been our photographer for years! She did my daughters photo when she was 1, then she did more family pictures a couple

months ago. I have 3 toddlers, and Casie was patient, understanding and kind with all of them. She captured them each in their own

element and the pictures turned out better than i could have imagined! We will be sticking with Casie!! :]"     -Amanda




                               "She did an excellent job with the kids. I wanted my pictures done with certain props and I already had it all set up, she came to my house                                  and had no problem with what I wanted. She saw what I saw and took fabulous photos! I've taken her out to locations and she was

                                  always ready to go and click away. As you can see I want what I want and she had no problem with that at all!!! Great person to work

                                  with and has done 3 separate sessions with all my kids! I don't know what I'm going to do when she leaves, she has the best prices in

                                  town!!!?     -Laura

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